Lubeca Überdruck-Dampfautoklav STERIPOWER für Stand- und Rotationsverfahren

Overriding Steam Retort STEripower

Static and Rotation Process

Autoclave facts

  • new packaging and new designs require this additional system
  • the new STERIPOWER is a state of the art retort
  • the STERIPOWER retorts are built in diameter 1100 mm up to 1800 mm and the capacity is from 1 to 8 cages or pallets
  • the sterilisation process is more economic when the requested energy for heating and cooling is reduced to a minimum
  • a proved cooling system enables an optimal temperature decrease in the steam retort
  • the STERIPOWER retort is available in stainless steel with manual bayonet closure or with an automatic vertical lift door and for static sterilisation process or process in rotation
  • there is also a double process version for sterilisation with the steam system, with a shower- or spraysystem